WORKSHOP: The Love Lab: DIY Lubes!

Price: $60.00
The Love Lab: DIY Lubes!

WHAT: The Love Lab: DIY Personal Lubricants
WHEN: By request. Please contact Tracey AnarresHealth AT gmail DOT com
WHERE: Academia Tutoring Workshop & Seminar Space, 88 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 2B6 I am renting this space for workshops only. You must be registered to attend.
REGISTER: below! Register early as we only have 4 spots!

Get that petroleum off your crotch! PEG is NOT your friend! Neither is propylene glycol, glycerin, colouring, fragrances or any of those unreadable chemical ingredients that appear on the labels of commercial sexual lubricants if they appear on the label at all.

Aside from the harmful ingredients and punishing price tag, the lubes come in hormone-disrupting, non-refillable plastic, toxifying our planet a further 575 years after use!

Come and learn to make your own customized personal lubricant and DIY with Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner. You'll learn about slippery, water-based, safe, tasty and healing ingredients, and make your own lube for a fraction of the cost of a tube!

I even made DIY Natural Lube and Mojo Oils on Sex Matters on CP 24

Thanks to Tracey's Lube and MoJo Massage Oils workshop my roots are going down and my libido is going up!
~ Yazmin Ann Shroff of Love Wonders

Tracey is incredibly knowledgeable about the properties of essential oils and is committed to the utmost in environmental standards for the oils that she uses. She has enormous amounts of integrity. If you're interested in the use of essential oils (and would like to make a home-made massage oil!), this workshop is right for you!
~ Dee Dussault, Director, Follow Your Bliss

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06/24/2024 - 6:03am

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