For the Bodycare Maker: DIY Tools, Ingredients & Packaging

For the Bodycare Maker: DIY Tools, Ingredients & PackagingI am offer ingredients and packaging at wholesale prices. If you need a large amount, contact me and I'll get you a better price or refer you.
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Wax: Castor Vegetable Flakes$14.81
Wax: Emulsifying Ecocert NWax: Emulsifying Ecocert N$8.52
Wax: Emulsifying EmulsiMulse Ecocert OrganicWax: Emulsifying EmulsiMulse Ecocert Organic$3.95
Wax: Emulsifying NatraGem Ecocert DISCONTINUEDWax: Emulsifying NatraGem Ecocert DISCONTINUED$0.00
Wax: Orange PeelWax: Orange Peel$3.88
Witch Hazel 100% True HydrosolWitch Hazel 100% True Hydrosol$2.44
Witch Hazel Benzoic Acid ExtractedWitch Hazel Benzoic Acid Extracted$2.49
Witch Hazel Distillate Alcohol ExtractedWitch Hazel Distillate Alcohol Extracted$3.00
Workshop Notes with Guidance$10.00
Workshop: All Sorts of SoapsWorkshop: All Sorts of Soaps$200.00